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A new one I just finished reading...

Last week was one of the worst weeks of my life. My grandfather, whom I loved so dearly and was very close to, passed away. Since then, it has torn me apart inside. I've moved in with my grandmother for a while to make it a little easier on her. So, last weekend, I went to BAM, one of my usual haunts. I figured I could use a little cheering up, for however long it lasted. So, I bought a contemporary romance that was comical. It was so funny! And so very cheesy. So cheesy that I just had to try it out. It's called "What Do You Say To A Naked Elf?" it's by Cheryl Sterling. Here, I'll quote the back for you:

"Apart from her being a TV-and-movie junkie and a saleswoman extraordinaire of adult lotions, potions and play-things, plain Jane Drysdale's life was nothing unusual. That was, until a moment of reckless driving catapulted her into a fairytale world like a J.R.R. Tolkien book on crack. From Walker, Michigan, to a place of wacko wizards, sexually repressed elves and dangerous dwarves, Jane was suddenly fulfilling an epic destiny that held certain death--and even more certain love. Even the newly legible tattoo on her shoulder seemed to proclaim the rightness of her transport: "Forever joined, heart up on heart, world up on world." Everything started with Jane on trial for her life and her Legolas-lokalike lawyer taking his shirt off, and the first thing she needed to know was...
What Do You Say to a Naked Elf? One or two things sprang to mind."

See? I just had to read it. It was a guaranteed laugh. I read it in about a day. I highly recommend it.
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