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Jane's Warlord- Angela Knight

Paranormal, entertaining, steamy. very steamy.

We have Jane Colby, and Baran Arvid. Jane is a reporter who actually owns the newspaper. She inherited it from her father, (and she has MAJOR father issues) it is a significant issue in the book. Jane has a thing for romance novels (who can blame her?) and lingerie, and so does Baran (as we find out in the first 20 pages).

Baran is a man of the future who has been forced to come back to present day America (One of the Carolinas I believe, but forget which one) to protect Jane from a serial killer who travels through time to carve women up. Baran isn't really a man, he's a Warlord. He is bigger, stronger, faster, and has a built in computer! Baran has a revved up sex drive, so it is really no wonder that sex is a key component to this book.

Freika is a minor character, a wolf from the future. Baran's side kick. He has some interesting byplay with Jane's cat. It mostly seems like he's there for comic relief (like Donkey in Shrek) oh and of course to let the girl in on things that the big, bad warlord won't say himself.

There is the serial killer, called a jump killer, who scared me. I've already admitted that I was a wuss, so I can easily say that if I was at home alone after dark I did not read it. It freaked me out. The fight scenes are pretty good. The thing that was weird to me was Baran talking to his computer, it just didn't seem to flow to well when I was reading those parts. Also, I didn't like the ending. It didn't work that well for me.

This book gets real hot real fast.I wasn't really expecting it when I picked the book out, but I wouldn't say that it was a </b>bad</b> surprise. It was one that I really enjoyed. I flew through it and can't wait for the next one from Angela Knight. I wonder if it will be another warlord? I hope so.
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