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Sooner or Later- Debbie Macomber

This looks like it is a re-release, although I've never seen it before.

Right off the bat I'll say that some parts were a little unbelievable/annoying/over the top. But overall, for some reason I really liked this book.

We have a small-town Texas post mistress, the daughter of a preacher who doesn't want to be anything like her mother, Letty Madden. Letty wants to hire Murphy to take her into Zarcero, a Latin American country that has been taken over by terrorists, to save her twin brother who was there as a missionary. (What a sentence).

Murphy is a mercenary, part of a team of mercenaries who do work like this on a semi-regular basis. Murphy is in Boothill, Texas for some R&R. He doesn't want to go into Zarcero on a mission that he sees as doomed to fail. Let's just say that they strike a deal (which she sort of kind of reneges on) and end up on their way to Zarcero.

Letty is the one that annoyed me in this book. She just seemed too nice sometimes, or too hung up. She had quite a few obstacles to overcome within herself. It did add to the story, but it also tended to drive me a little crazy. Murphy is the strong silent type, not too demonstrative, but very efficient.

While in Zarcero they manage to piss off somebody high up in the rebel military, and end up running for their lives/freedom a lot of the time.At times it was a little stereotypical, a little predictable, but overall a good story.

Also in this book there are a couple of side stories. We have Letty's brother. The missionary who is captured by the terrorists/rebels. We also have Jack, on of Murphy's mercenary team mates, and Marcie. They had a good story as well. Johnny came in and out of Marcie's life at will. When she finally gives up on him and starts to move on he shows back up and realizes that he wants Marcie for himself. Who will Marcie choose? Not who I was hoping for, that's for sure!
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